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Where to go for a Run in Bangkok

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So you have been in Bangkok for a while and those late night greasy street food feasts of Pad Thai are starting to leave you a little soft around the edges? You want to get back into your fitness routine, but you don't know where to go for a run in this crazy, chaotic city?

At first glance, Bangkok doesn't seem like the most jogging-friendly city with its busy sidewalks, crowded streets, sweltering heat and smoggy atmosphere. However, there are some places that are suitable for running, such as:

Lumpini Park

This large green space is an oasis of shade and fresh air in the middle of the city, offering more than half a million square kilometres of space for quiet, peaceful running. There are also restrooms within the park and plenty of sellers hawking bottled water for when you need to rehydrate.

Within the "Green Lung" of Bangkok you see elderly people practicing tai chi, open air aerobics classes, young people playing basketball, sweethearts snuggling by the lake and families with their children. While you are running, watch out for the large water monitor lizards that live within the lush greenery of the park.




Benjakiti Park

Another quiet green space, Bengakiti Park is located close to Terminal 21 Shopping Centre. Rather than being a natural, wild park this space is meticulously landscaped and designed, with well-maintained gardens and wooden decking running alongside a man-made lake. As well as having a jogging trail, it also has outdoor exercise equipment that you can use for your workout.

This park is less popular than Lumpini, so you will usually find it to be a less crowded place to enjoy your workout.




Romaneenart Park

This interesting park was built on the site of an old prison from over a century ago. Within the park you can still see one wall and some of the old guard towers, as well as some neo-classical style buildings from the King Rama V period. There are a large amount of fountains within the park, which help to keep it cool in the heat.



Romaneenart Park is an ideal spot to go for a run and you will discover large open lawns, fountains, a pond and even an outdoor gym area for weight lifting. As well as being a great place to go for a run it's also an intriguing attraction to visit so that you can learn a little more about Bangkok's history.



Chatuchak Park

This park, located in the north of Bangkok, is a very popular haven for fitness fanatics. Every day you will see plenty of runners and joggers working up a sweat along the running trails. The park has lovely unpaved trails and also features a Thai Literature and Herb Garden. After your run, you can also visit the Train Museum or play a few rounds on the golf course.




Benjasiri Park

This is another one of the major parks in Bangkok and a popular location for running. It is next to the Emporium Shopping Mall and it was built to celebrate the 60th Birthday of the Queen. Within this lush green space you will find an artificial lake, a forest garden, a playground, swimming pools and basketball courts – as well as a running trail.




One of the advantages to jogging at Benjasiri Park is that you will have very little disturbance from bike riders, as the areas for each activity are clearly defined. One round around the track in the park is 800 meters.

While Bangkok is a busy, crazy and polluted city and going for a run can sometimes be a challenge, there are plenty of parks throughout the city that offer fresh air, shade, running trails and lovely scenery.

Get up early to beat the midday heat, strap on your running shoes, jump on the Skytrain to your nearest park and get started on your Bangkok
fitness goals!