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Tips for Buying a Custom Tailored Suit in Bangkok

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When you walk down the street in Bangkok, you will probably notice many sellers gesturing and calling out to you, trying to entice you to step into their shop and buy a suit. Custom tailoring is a popular service in Bangkok and the tailors here can create a high quality suit for a fraction of the price your tailor would charge back home.
Wearing clothing that is tailored to your body will flatter your shape and make you look more attractive, whether you are thin or overweight. When you are in Bangkok it is worth investing in a suit here, as you will receive more value that you would in your home country. However, it is not always easy to find a reputable tailor and some will rip you off with a poor quality finished product.



If you are considering buying a custom tailored suit in Bangkok, here are some tips to keep in mind:

If It Seems Too Good to Be True, it Probably is
Suits in Bangkok are cheaper than they are in Western countries, but watch out for suits that are too unbelievably cheap. If the tailor is offering you a suit within 24 hours for only $100, think twice. How could it be possible to produce a good quality product in that amount of time, for that price? The chances are that your suit will be made from poor quality materials and will be haphazardly sewn together – which is not worth it. The truth is that you really get what you pay for, even in Thailand.



Ask Others for Recommendations

Use the power of the internet to research tailors in Thailand in advance and find a reliable company that will offer you a good quality product. Read Trip Advisor reviews and ask travel bloggers who have purchased suits in Thailand before. This will give you a much better idea of what to expect, so that you can choose a company with a good reputation.

Head to Sukumvhit

One of the best places in Bangkok to look for tailors is on Sukumvhit Road. In this area of town you will find fewer backpackers – instead it is populated by older, professional Bangkok residents. The tailors there usually speak excellent English and they have a wide range of good quality fabrics. It is a competitive market and they are more likely to provide you with a better product. Don't mention that you are a tourist, instead you should tell them that you are working in Thailand teaching English at a private school – if they think you are a local you are more likely to get a better deal.




Make Sure You Have Time

In order to ensure that your suit fits you perfectly, it is important to have multiple fittings. As you try on the suit, the tailor will be able to make adjustments as he or she goes along to make sure that each crease and pleat sits perfectly on your frame. This is why you shouldn't attempt to have a suit tailored if you will only be in Bangkok for one day – you will need at least two or three days for multiple fittings.


Be Very Clear About What You Want

When you get a suit custom tailored in Bangkok, you can have complete control of all the details – including placement of pockets, number and style of buttons, shape and thickness of lapels and much more. Before you go to the tailor, think carefully about exactly how you would like your suit to look. You can even bring pictures of other suits for the tailor to use as a reference. The tailor will make a sketch for you, but if things aren't quite right don't be afraid to amend it as they go.



Once you have been through multiple fittings and the suit looks exactly the way you imagined it, you can pay the rest of your initial deposit and take it with you. If you have taken the time to find a good quality tailor and been clear about what you want, you will have a beautiful custom suit that will flatter your body and look fantastic!