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Where to party in Bangkok?

How and where to party in the capital

Asia’s capital of cool is famous for its night time antics and, whilst it may have a bit of a rowdy reputation, the truth is it is actually a very safe and enjoyable ‘mecca of madness’.

From ultra trendy clubs, to michelin starred restaurants, roof top cocktail bars and go-go ‘get a girl’ establishments; there really is a sense of this modern city embracing all, welcoming all. If anything, Bangkok is an extremely diverse destination and is far more than its somewhat sleazy past time reputation. Here’s an overview of what the ‘city of angels’ has to offer:

Bangkok River cruises

Chayo Phraya’s two riverbanks run right through Bangkok and literally add a sparkle to its night life when twinkling under a sky of black. With such a delightful stage, the waters offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy a majestical river cruise, full of good food and wine, and a sense of the real Thailand.

As you journey up and down the rivers, you’ll experience Bangkok in a way you never thought imaginable. From impressive architecture to wooden shacks built on stilts - floating on the waters - you’ll soon lose yourself in a world of pure
exotic enchantment.

rooftop bars


icon cameraMost rooftop bars have a strict dress code so make
sure to check this out before planning your night
time adventure.

Rooftop bars in Bangkok

From water to air, Bangkok’s infamous rooftop bars provide another jaw dropping setting to experience Thailand’s stunning nightlife.

The city boasts a number of rooftop venues, where you can soak up the last rays of sun and lounge back with a tipple or two.

What makes the rooftop bars so unique is that you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the city, whilst still feeling very much a part of the ‘party on the ground’

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The notorious Go-Go bars

These naughty, ‘let-it-all-hang-out’ bars are what have provided Bangkok with its ‘risque’ reputation. Dancing, evocative girls, ladyboys and sexy shows are what this business is all about!

Patpong is the area to go, so don’t be afraid to give this ‘kind-of-night’ a try: its definitely not as sleazy as you may think and will give you a more rounded experience of Bangkok’s ‘colourful’ nightlife.

Clubbing in Bangkok

Clubbing in Bangkok has become as popular as Ibiza in recent years, with many international, famous DJ’s flocking to the city’s dancefloors.

With Bangkok being such a tourist destination, every night is a Friday night so you can totally see why more and more clubs are opening with such high demand.


icon glitterballThe night clubs in Bangkok are also incredibly diverse, offering something for all tastes and ages so don’t forget to pack your best dancing shoes!



nighclubs lrg

Live jazz bars

Bangkok offers far more than an overrated go-go bar, and certainly embraces live jazz music like no other city. Featuring some of the most talented local and international artists, you’ll be surprised at just how cool and sophisticated these venues are.

icon jazzSit back and relax to swinging jazz music, before kicking-up-your-heels and having a good old jive to some sweet and inspirational tunes.

Thailand's Bars and pubs

That’s right, even in Thailand you can expect a good bar crawl and pub grub. From classy hotel lounges, to stand-alone pubs and romantic cocktail bars; you don’t need to venture far to find a bubbly beer or two!

icon cocktailOnce again, the riverside boasts a plethora of drinking establishments for all to enjoy late into the evening and early hours.


Night markets

A bit of retail shopping at night is definitely a sure fire way to get into the holiday spirit and, with many markets and malls open until 10pm in Bangkok, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice.

So, as you’ll hopefully begin to see, Bangkok nightlife couldn’t be more different to its sleazy, karaoke stereotype. If you can embrace it for what it really is and look beyond the cliches, you will understand that the capital of Thailand embraces diversity and revels in offering a spectacular party scene for all.

night markets women

When the sun goes down, Bangkok comes alive. Whether you want to chill with friends, cruise down the rivers in style, follow the go-go girl or sit back and let the jazzy music take over all your senses; this simply has to be one of the most exciting city nightlifes on the planet. The truth of it is that the range of venues and establishments is as eclectic as the clientele that visits and enjoys them.


night markets

The most popular night market is that of Patpong, where travellers and locals alike often flock to for a good old midnight bargain.