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What to do in Bangkok?

From night’s out, to family day trips and famous landmarks.

Bangkok is an intriguing destination; a fantastic mix of cultures, of the new and the old. With evidence of its grand and illustrious past dotted about the city - right next to funky, cool and hip shops, bars and clubs - you can rest assured that there is always ‘something to do’ for all the party.

In fact, many of Bangkok’s 'haunts' have become famous worldwide and you have probably heard of the floating market, colourful ChinaTown and the super fun Siam Ocean World before.

No matter whether you have travelled alone, backpacked it with a group of strangers or are enjoying a special family vacation; there are countless attractions for all to experience in Bangkok:

Bangkok's Floating markets

There are a number of floating markets in Bangkok and, what was once a normal way of life for the Thai’s, has now become a firm favourite attraction with the tourists.

Basically, for those of you who are new to floating markets - they are exactly that - a haven for bargain-hunting shoppers where vendors sell produce and wares directly from their boats.

floating markets

Cultural and historic landmarks

For those interested in Bangkok’s rich history then ‘ye shall not be disappointed’.
With stunning architecture such as Wat Arun, The Grand Palace and The Golden Buddha, there is plenty of beautiful and dazzling sights to be seen.


Many people get around Bangkok by boat as it is very relaxing and enables you to almost see the city from afar, whilst still being very much in the centre of things.
floating market foodThese days, the biggest attraction with floating markets is the food: plenty of fresh fish, noodles and other intrinsically Thai delights await you, and you can even witness the chefs cooking in their traditional Thai way too.
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The buildings are absolutely stunning and a stark reminder of Thailand’s colonial, wealthy past times.


Bangkoks Zoos and wildlife

A major attraction in Bangkok, especially for families, is the wildlife. With so many exotic animals to see, there are a number of parks, sea life centres and even a zoo, all situated on the outskirts of the city.

icon elephantIf you want to get up, close and personal to elephants, tigers, crocodiles, and even sharks, then Bangkok has plenty to offer. In fact, the bigger the better as Thailand is no stranger to the exotic, larger-than-life creatures that many tourists flock to the East to meet!


Temples and places of workship

Just like the stunning, traditional Thai architecture producing the perfect backdrop to the quirky capital, so do the temple roofs glitter like an enchanting dream.

Religion is very important to the Thai’s and most of these buildings are still used to worship in to this day, amidst the tourism. You really get a true sense of Bangkok and Thailand by visiting these beautiful buildings, of which we will shortlist our favourites later on.


icon walkerDespite the people and the noise, Bangkok does offer some tranquil resting places for those looking to revel in the exotic nature and wildlife that this country is also famous for.

Parks and greenland

Just like the stunning, traditional Thai architecture producing the perfect backdrop to the quirky capital, so do the temple roofs glitter like an enchanting dream.

Theme parks and water parks in Bangkok

For that fab day out with the kids, Bangkok does not disappoint! There are a number of outdoor theme parks and water parks to excite and entertain the whole family.

And Bangkok doesn’t do things by halves, here you will find some of the most outrageous, scary water rides of all so brace yourselves for a truly wet and wild adventure. We’re sure you’ll welcome the cool respite from the humid daytime temperatures too.

waterpark slidesYou can easily spend the entire day with your kids in Siam Park. There are a range of great water-slides and attractions plus five different areas to visit; The Water Park, X-Zone, Family World, Fantasy World and Small World.

waterpark slide



With floating markets and shopping malls galore, you wouldn’t think there was much else left to buy in Bangkok! Well wait until you hit Khao San Road - ‘shopping central’ - and the Chatachak weekend market.

shoppingBangkok has to be the home of bartering and bargaining, and you wouldn’t be experiencing Thai life if you didn’t have
a good go!