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Thai Presentation & Hospitality

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Think Thailand and think food and hospitality. Thai food is synonymous with the land itself and the reason why many people travel to this wonderful country in South East Asia. Smart Hospitality supply many Thai venues with table top products and personalised restaurant products.

Most Thai restaurants, certainly in the Thai capital of Bangkok will be offering traditional Thai food, dishes of vibrant colour and flavoured with lemon grass, coconut milk and that hot and spicy ingredient that seems to appear on, or as a accompaniment to every single Thai dish available, even some desserts – the infamous chilli. Thai food is often complimented with chilli but fear not, if you are not a lover of spice then you can order your food 'Mai Pet’ which means 'not spicy' in Thai.


Thai food is very often simple in its presentation, relying more on the flavour and technical cooking of the dish more than the aesthetic. A typical Thai restaurant, presuming you are not sitting at a street stall in Bangkok, will be modestly decorated, typically Thai in its appearance with basic, but comfortable furnishings and all of the essentials that you would expect, dishes and crockery tend to be simple and functional and contrary to belief most Thais will use a fork and spoon, not chop sticks. Most Thai restaurants have a simple menu layout displaying whats on offer, usually presented within personalised menu covers. The Menu Covers are presented with a typical customary Thai smile from your restaurants host and you can always expect to be greeted and looked after exceptionally well when in Bangkok and Thailand as a whole.

A trip to Bangkok and Thailand in general is a culinary experience that you will never forget.