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Flashpacking in Bangkok, Thailand

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Many of those who have found themselves in the colorful and vibrant capital city of Thailand can admittedly say it was not what they were expecting. Yes, it has a culture all of its own. Yes, it does have Buddhist statues and temples sprawled throughout its 606 square miles. However, let's take a step back and view it for what it is.

A metropolis full of the latest high tech gadgets and skyscrapers boasting 5 star hotels that put most capital cities to shame. If you want to spend thousands of dollars in one day or you want to spend only a few dollars, there's a way to do it in Bangkok. Walking in downtown can be overwhelming; with skyscrapers stretching as far as the eye can see. Yet, with the best technology for your backpacking experience, you can capture photographs and blog to the world about what you've discovered on your journey through Bangkok. If any issues arise, don't fret! Bangkok has a plethora of what you need.

If one is ever feeling lost in Bangkok, it's one of the best feelings knowing you can just pull our your smart phone and get great coverage.Your Google Maps app and GPS will work great as you wander around little side streets and main roadways. With no shortage of Starbucks and other places offering free Wi-Fi, it's so simple for one to just walk into a business and pull out your tablet or phone to find directions.




Thailand may seem confusing, but with the mass amounts of tourists it is getting so much easier with every day that passes. With the development of news apps such as the MRT and BTS train apps for your phone and tablet, booking your trains from the government railways online, and other applications like The Lonely Planet Phrasebook, you have nothing to worry about. Some other notable apps to help make your journey a breeze are: BangkokGate (helps provide transportation maps and road maps), BES I lert U (helps find the closest hospital in case of an emergency), one of the million translator apps offered for free and for pay, and also one of the million Bangkok city guides also for free. Some of these applications will also give you full city tours for free, telling you where to stop and where the best sights are!


First thing is first; you need to put your stuff down. However, not just anywhere will do.

Where you need to put your stuff down should be somewhere that's incredibly comfortable and modern. Having all the right plugins, comfortable beds, amenities, and needing to come at a decent price. With a serious surge in tourism of flashpackers in the last 10 years to Southeast Asia, it's obvious why so many incredibly modern hostels have shown up around Bangkok. Most of them offering private or dorm beds, dependent upon what you are into. Bangkok has over 50 hostels and over 100 hotels.


For those who want the more sociable atmosphere, a hostel is the right choice for you.

Lub D Bangkok hostels has two separate bases depending on what you are looking for. Don't be fooled though, each has an awesome layouts that's ultra modern and very comfortable. You have the Silom hostel, located in an area well known for its nightlife. Here, if you aren't interested in what Lub D has to offer, plenty of other hostels will provide modern accommodation close to the action. By action, we mean partying.


You also have the Siam Square location that is more pricey but offers the things that a flashpacker would love. Shoppers' paradise is right outside the doors of the hostel. For hotels, tripadvisor will give hundreds of different recommendations for any budget. From the outskirts of Bangkok with cheap ultra modern hotels to the city center where you can be catered to and pay top dollar, anything is possible.


For one looking for the latest in high tech gadgets, you should without a doubt find yourself in the center of Bangkok: Siam Square.

Easily accessible from the Siam BTS skytrain stop, you are in the mega-hub of it all. Here, you have the latest fashion and newest cellphone and computer accessories at your finger tips. Bright LCD screen glimmer against your eyes, displaying all the latest sales on everything from DSLR cameras to GoPro's. Massive billboards have sale prices for whatever you need, even if you aren't looking for electronics.

You can find all of the above here along the massive street that lines up multiple malls. Also, if you want fake versions, a place exists for those as well. As you stroll down the street you pass MBK mall. Everyone who knows Bangkok knows MBK mall. The reality is that if you are looking for anything from electronics to clothing, knockoff and real, it can be found here. The top floors have more gadgets than one could ever need at reasonable prices.


You need those new Nike's? You need that new Northface jacket for your expedition into the jungles of northern Thailand? Do you need an extra battery for that Macbook so you can blog from the
deepest jungles?




Not only are they all at great prices, it's also well known for one to bargain the price. For those not interested in bargaining over a price and quality, the Paragon shopping mall will have exactly what you are looking for. With one of the best cinemas at the top and a gym, with some of the best restaurants, you can spend your whole afternoon in here and still have more to do. No knock-off goods can be found here, this is all the real deal. Two final places for the best and newest technology are Pantip plaza and Fortune Mall. Level after level of every electronic gadget one could possibly be looking for is here.

From the sleaziest back alley hotel and hostel, to the richest and finest luxurious abode one could rent, Bangkok is a mixture of everything. No matter what you are looking for electronic wise to capture your moments or spend your day being entertained by, you can find it in the great capital of Thailand.flashpacking-siam