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Dreamworld Bangkok

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Dreamworld is an enormous theme park located just outside of Bangkok in the Thanyaburi district in PathumThaniProvince. Kids will love taking a day out to this colourful park and they will be able to experience the fantastic atmosphere, savour the exciting shows and enjoy the many different rides. There are also lovely landscaped gardens to walk through, pools, paths, castles and much more.
When you arrive at the entrance to the Dreamworld theme park you will be greeted by friendly green aliens and brightly coloured medieval castle walls. As you stroll in you will notice the cheery music piped throughout the park, the beautifully manicured gardens and the decorative flower and water features. The park is split into four different sections – Dream World Plaza, Dream Gardens, Fantasy Land and Adventure Land - and there are many maps that will help you to navigate your way around.


There are a wealth of attractions at Dreamworld, ranging from water play areas to petting zoos to roller coasters to haunted houses and more. This park is designed for children, but it is also a lot of fun for teenagers and adults.




There is a Love Garden that is dedicated to romance where you can take a stroll with your special someone.




There are also several shows taking place here throughout the day, including the Stunt Show and the Animal Show. In the afternoons on the weekends there is a parade every day through the thoroughfares of the park. Your kids will love the continuous stream of funny clowns and cute mascots who dance and wave their way through the park.

What Age Groups is the Park Suitable For?

There are attractions in the park that will appeal to all age groups, so anyone can enjoy Dreamworld, Bangkok. There are rides and attractions for the very small children, such as the Animal Farm, the Water Fun area and Snow Town. However, there is enough here to keep older children and teens entertained too. Those who want a thrill will enjoy the roller coasters and action rides such as The Hurricane, Space Mountain and the Sky Coaster. The park is easy to navigate and there are plenty of places to sit and rest, so it is ideal for a family, no matter how old the children are. In fact, some adults who love the thrill rides and the fun atmosphere visit without kids – anyone is welcome to have fun at Dreamworld, Bangkok.

The Four Sections

So what are the four sections of Dreamworld and what can you expect to find within them?

Dream World Plaza

This is the first section that you will see when you come through the main entrance of the park. If you have been to Disneyland you will recognise that it is a copy of the "Main Street USA". It is filled with several decorative fantasy themed shops and buildings, colourful benches, friendly characters and statues, souvenir shops, ice cream and drink kiosks.




Dream Garden

This is the nature themed section and it located around a lake that is right after Dream World Plaza. It is also where the parade, known as "The Colour of the World" takes place on the weekends. There are a lot of fun attractions in the Dream Garden section, such as the racing cars, cable cars, the Speedy Mouse coaster, the Dream World Railroad, the water tricycles, the 7 Wonders of the World and the Love Garden.




Fantasy Land





The theme of this area in the middle of the park is "Fairy Tales" and it is filled with many rides and attractions that reference fairy tales from all over the world. For example, it is home to Sleeping Beauty's Castle and The Giants House.



 Here you will also find the 4D Adventure, Uncle Tom's Farm, The Spider and Fantasy Garden which is vibrant and a beautiful place to sit with a cold drink and relax.

Dreamworld is fitted with rails of fansand water misters for the majority of the way around the park. If it is a particularly hot day you can stop with the children underneath one and cool down. There are plenty of cool shaded areas to take a rest on a hot day.


Adventure Land

This is the largest zone within Dreamworld and it holds many of the most exciting rides. There is a futuristic space theme in this section of the park. Some of the most popular rides here include Supersplash, The Grand Canyon, Snow Town, the Haunted Mansion, Crazy Bus, Bumper Boats, Antique Cars, Flying Carpet, the Monorail Tour, the Sky Coaster (a hanging coaster), the Flying Fishes, the Bumper Cars, Red Indian's Boat, Tornado, Raptor and much more. There are also shows here, such as the stunt-show known as Hollywood's Action Show.

What are Some of the Most Popular Rides and Attractions at Dreamworld, Bangkok?

Here are some of the top rides and attractions that you can enjoy on a visit to Dreamworld in Bangkok:

The Tornado

This swirling and twirling ride will take you seven storeys into the air and swing you around at up to 75km per hour. It is not for those who are prone to motion sickness!

The Sky Coaster



This is one of the most exciting attractions at Dreamworld, so if you love thrills it will be your favourite ride in the park. It is the first hanging roller coaster in Asia and it swings you at full speed around the curves and turns for an adrenaline pumping ride.

The 4D Adventure

This 3D movie show puts you right in the middle of the action with special effects happening all around you. You aren't just watching the movie – you are a part of it!

Space Mountain

Modelled on Space Mountain at Disneyland, this ride takes you on a thrilling rollercoaster ride through the darkness of space. You never know what's coming up around the bend, so hold on tight!

The Cable Car

You can take a relaxing ride in one of these lovely cable cars and it will take you on a tour above the entire park. You can see everything in the park, and much further across the surrounding area, from a bird's eye view as you drift through the sky, not to be missed!

The Haunted Mansion



Get a thrill as you visit this creepy haunted house filled with ghouls, vampires and much more. It will give you a chill – even in the Bangkok heat! Small children might find the Haunted House frightening, so this ride is recommended for older children, teens and adults only.

The Animal Farm



What young child doesn't love a petting zoo? Your little ones will love this attraction as they will have the opportunity to meet plenty of adorable animals including ponies, deer, teacup pigs and more.

This is also where the famous Animal Show takes place, so if you time your visit to this part of the park well you will be able to see the trained animals perform. You can buy food for the animals from the kiosk inside.

Water Fun



This play area is great for little ones, as it offers squirting fountains and splash pools as well as fun water rides such as Slider and the Tunnel Fountain. There is a huge water bucket drop and this facility was new in 2014 so is very clean, safe and great fun for the children on a hot day.


This is an intense thrill ride that will take you up into the air and then flip you around and around. Hold on tight as you flip and somersault at full speed until you don't know which way is up.

Super Splash

Take this log-flume boat ride and hold on tight as it plummets down the final drop for a dramatic splash at the end. Warning – you will get very wet! You can buy waterproof covers from inside the queuing area, however, cooling down can be welcome and you don't stay wet for long in the Thai sunshine!


The Giant's House

This creative and imaginative attraction is a lot of fun. You can walk around a Giant's House in which everything is 50 times bigger than it should be. Have fun climbing on the enormous objects and pretending that you are very tiny. The house features a slide made of cheese, a giant rocking chair and table and the giant is asleep in his enormous bed inside the room, don't wake him up!

Snow Town

Pretend you are at the North Pole in this winter wonderland, which feels totally out of place in tropical Thailand. You can go for a sleigh ride, throw snow balls or build a snowman.
These are just a few of the most popular attractions and rides at Dreamworld Bangkok, there are many more to choose from. There are so many rides and attractions at this enormous theme park, more than you could possibly experience in one day and great for all ages.

The Shows of Dreamworld Bangkok, Thailand

There are a number of exciting shows that take place in the park, which can really add to your enjoyment of the day. Here are some of the Dreamworld Shows you can enjoy:

The Hollywood Action Show

Be dazzled by the stunts of this show, with top-notch performers and exciting special effects. A S.W.A.T. team will invade the hideout of a terrorist group and you will get to see the action as they face off against each other. This show takes place every day at 2:30pm and on weekends at 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 4:30pm.

The Colours of the World Parade

Your children will love this colourful spectacle, which takes place on weekends and holidays at 3:45pm. All of their favourite cartoon characters will be in attendance and there will be dancing, music and so much more. It's a great way to finish off a wonderful day of exploring the park.

The Animals Show

Another favourite with the kids is the Animal Show at Uncle Tom's Farm. You will see the trained animals do funny tricks and afterward you might get a chance to see them up close and pet them.

How to Get To Dreamworld, Bangkok

Dreamworld is not located within Bangkok, it is outside the city. However, it only takes a short drive to get there along the motorway past the old Don Muang international airport. It is possible to get there via public transport, but it would be a long and tiring ride with many stopovers.




If you don't have your own car it is much more convenient to buy a package that includes pick up from your hotel, transport to the park, entrance tickets and lunch. Also, the buffet lunch that is offered with these options is usually much better than the food available at the park. However, most tour packages will take you back to your hotel at around 3:30, so you will have less time in which to explore the park.

Admission Prices

Tickets for the amusement park cost 650 baht, which will grant you unlimited rides. If you want to visit the Snow Town you will need to pay 150 baht extra and if you want to ride the Go-Kart you will need to pay 120 baht extra.




Opening Hours

10:00 - 17:00 daily, until 19:00 on holidays.


The theme park has food on offer, although it is mostly Western-style fast food such as burgers, ice cream, hot dogs and candy floss. However, you can find nutritious Thai favourites from some of the booths including som-tam and pad-Thai. The prices for food are much lower than you would find in a typical European theme park. If you book your visit to the park with a day tour you will receive a buffet lunch included, which is usually of a higher standard.

There is also a KFC at the park if you have a craving for fried chicken. If you are concerned about eating healthy food you might want to bring along your own snacks of fruit and vegetables, as most of the food offered within the park is fast food.

If you want to bring back a souvenir from your visit to Dreamworld you can stop at one of the souvenir shops that stock a range of caps, t-shirts, bags, dolls and other gifts.

On entry, especially if you are a non-Thai, you will have your family photograph taken. Smile, because you can purchase the picture upon leaving the park, it will usually be on a decorative Dreamworldplate, or a Dreamworld picture frame.


The Best Time to Visit

It is best to visit the Dreamworld park is on a weekday if you can, since on the weekends it will be more crowded with the locals enjoying their weekend. However, even on a Saturday, visiting the park is still an enjoyable experience and the wait times in the queues are usually no more than 10 minutes.



It is recommended that you get to the park as early as possible, not only to beat the crowds but also to avoid the intense heat of the afternoon.

Have Fun Exploring Dreamworld Bangkok

Dreamworld Bangkok is an action packed theme park with so much to see and do for you and the kids. It is easy and affordable to book a transport package there that will make your visit very easy. You can easily fill a full day there without seeing all of the rides and attractions – so it is definitely a must-do during your visit to Bangkok.

Regardless of what you read about transport problems, this is not correct. There is a taxi kiosk directly opposite the main gate, in the car park. It is easy to get a taxi back into central Bangkok, on the meter.